It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been working hard on a few things. Sadly still no female vocalist in sight…

I originally wrote ‘Shadow Healer’ as an interlude track to go between two songs. However, upon listening to it day after day, I decided to make it a solo track and title it ‘Shadow Healer’ (Part One).
Part Two is one of my other songs that follows after the track just mentioned, only the plan is to have words to ‘Part Two’ when I miraculously find a female vocalist. So it will be a nice solo guitar track leading into a full song with vocals.
Part One is officially being released as a demo this Saturday 10am AEDST. I shall produce another blog with a link once I have uploaded it then.


I recently purchased a L.R Baggs M1a pickup, to pair with the stock fishman in my Rainsong JM1000.

Upon doing loads of research and coming up empty handed in the information way of drilling carbon fiber guitars, I was only finding information about car bonnets etc.

I used that info as a reference to base my decision on.

I am going to share how I made a new input jack hole. IMPORTANT! By attempting my method, you do so at your own risk! If unsure, take it to a pro!

1. Place masking tape over the point upon which you will be drilling, this will prevent chipping of the top layer around the hole.

2. Take it nice and steady. I read that you need high rpm to get through, however I only have a 14.4 volt black and decker battery drill with 5000 rpm max. This proved more than enough when paired with the correct drill bit.

3. I used a ‘step drill bit HSS 5/32 – 1/2″
A step drill bit looks like a cylindrical pyramid type shape, with each size increase on the drill bit, it has a new set of ‘teeth’ to start the drilling process again but on the next size up. Think of it as changing your standard drill bit each time you make the hole slightly larger, but with a step drill bit you don’t have to change the bit as you increase the hole size. And because an input jack socket is 1/2″ (the maximum size on the step drill bit I used) means that you can go through all the way to the end without having to worry about stopping at a certain size on the drill bit before you accidentally go too big.

4. It will take a little bit of effort to get the point of the step drill through the layers of carbon fiber. Keep a steady and straight hand, applying a small amount of pressure as needed to get the drill to keep catching on the fibers, thus allowing it to break through.

5. Once you’ve broken the step drill bit through the first size, and the hole is all the way through, you’ll find that the step drill bit will advance through the sizes like a knife through butter. So be careful not to put too much pressure when increasing each size.

6. You should be able to go all the way up the drill bit to 1/2″ and that should be the hole done.

I had no issue of splintering on the inside of the hole. It’s not to say it won’t happen, it just didn’t happen to me when I did it.

Hope this helps anyone contemplating on drilling into a carbon fiber guitar to install a new input jack.

There have been some recent events that have almost made me think about giving up writing songs for a while. When one goes 3 years, working on songs on a daily basis, only to be left with a blank canvas of ideas and the hope of numerous people writing to them. Yet all I received from so many of them who I thought would help me out, was a lot of negative comments, not constructive criticism, just down right negative. And it made me think whether it not I was the reason, for not having any interest shown towards my work. But being the person I am, and having some close friends and family, full of encouragement and positive words, I kept going. I currently have a female vocalist with a phenomenal voice working on 6 tracks. But it was this morning that really opened my eyes…A guy asked if I would be interested in letting him write over a track or two, and he said that he would be really honored to write over anything I have done so far. It kinda struck a nerve, and I stared for ages thinking ‘did I really just read that right?’ Turns out I was reading that right, and I was really touched that someone is honored to write for me…ME…the guy that’s writes via emotions, and has only very basic theory knowledge, and is unsure about everything that is written. That one word, I am so, so thankful for…I was in a pretty bad headspace when all the other stuff was happening. To have it start getting some recognition and progress is incredible. My goal is to create music for people to enjoy, and share my journey and emotions with them. And that can’t be done with any negative in my life…

the mind is an incredible thing. allowing thoughts and ideas to flow throughout the body in ways only expressed through speech, drawing, music etc.

what i really enjoy, is when you put a song out there with the imagery in your own mind upon what your visual was based. yet the mind of others allows the journey to be taken further, and down different paths.

having that imagery explained to one is awesome. it then allows your mind to recreate what has been told to you, even know you already have the original journey in your head.

it all sounds a bit muddled i know, but it makes complete sense.

nothing is impossible to create in your mind.

that’s why i enjoy writing music. i like to recreate what my mind has fantasised, and portray that image to my audience through song.

i’ve really liked hearing about the experience that some listeners have had. I’ve even received a couple of pieces of fan art showing what their mind visualised. which, as a musician, is extremely awesome!

but as a songwriter, writing from the imagination is one of the most powerful tools. very similar to how a writer may construct fictional characters in a novel, and depict the story based around the character.

living life through 6 strings, visualizing the other worlds that may exist…may not. visiting those ‘far away places’ is one of the best ways to take a break from reality.

every time you revisit that location, just remember how you actually got there.

Sadly my song writing is on hold for a little while. i had to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth surgically removed, so i’m in a fair bit of pain.

planning to rewrite ‘injection by icicles’ with a more structured drum track, and something new that you may pick up on if it fits in.

will be back to it soon guys. thanks for the well wishes.

over the last four days i have knocked out the best song that i have ever written. for some strange reason this one came to me really easily…

i have been doing a bit of research into how a drummers mind works, so i can create more structured drum tracks. i normally just lay down whatever track i want and record guitar over it so i have a basic template. but for this one i put in a bit more effort, and it paid off for sure.

this song has had a lot of my friends saying good things about it, and how it gets stuck in their head. that’s exactly what i want to hear.

i’ve structured this song very delicately. it starts out fairly upbeat for the verse and chorus, but as it hits the bridge, it goes into this laid back feel with some simulated violin parts doing a basic melody/harmony.

i love my reverb. i don’t go for your ‘standard’ guitar sound. i go for a sound that suits what i write. differently in this one, i’ve switched off the RV-5 and gone into the first half of each verses dry. why? it gives it a roomy feel, and then when it goes into part 2 of the verse and into the chorus it opens up into a bigger voiced sound.

i’d love for you guys to listen to this one. i’m totally proud of it. once i find a vocalist, shit will be rollin.

please head to my RN account to find links to where you can find more of my music, or communicate with me in any way.

so…people aren’t listening!

listen to the song titled ‘Temple Of Mordea’ and then read the following.

there has been a lot of frustration towards a lot of people that have been hinting that my mixing on the track templates i write, is really bad.

well freakin durr! they are templates! template = an original track put together for a vocalist to sit down and write over – possibly leading to change of structure etc.

so the question is: why put so much effort into making them sound so bloody fantastic, spending hours on playing them perfect, when down the line a whole part may need to be rerecorded to follow the vocals. waste of time. i don’t even have a vocalist yet for christ sake

that’s the idea of going to a proper studio AFTER you’ve got all the individual parts written and structured, so that it’s all how everyone has written their own parts.

my templates are ideas. i have next to no mixing experience. i don’t really care what my templates sound like as long as it’s clear enough for a vocalist to work over, then there should be no issue.

totally doin my head in how inconsiderate some people are towards this. all i want to do is write, record, and perform songs that i have written. to expose to people who i am through the tracks i’m working on.

i’m super proud of the work i’ve done over the last 3 years. 24 song templates are the result of all that hard work.

those that are with me on this, i’m super thankful for sticking by me.